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2018 Year of the Yang Earth Dog

Wikimedia Commons

The transition from the year of the Yin Fire Rooster began January 2018, with the year of the Yang Earth Dog beginning February 4th 2018. This is also the “real” first day of spring, the commonly accepted Western first day of spring March 20th this year is actually the peak of spring, each day after we transition towards Summer.

What traits come to mind when you think of a dog: loyalty, courage, playfulness, protector, hunter, intelligence, empathy, leadership (alpha), stubborn, etc… In Taoism the Earth element represents: retreat, passiveness, silence. Even though the earth is a great supplier it does so silently. This being a Yang year will amplify the nature of the Dog, however, the Earth will help temper the potential to exaggerate these traits.

Master Wu stated: “According to Chinese cosmology, the Earth Dog Year of 2018 will start on LiChun立春, February 4 at 05:28 (Beijing time), while Chinese New Year’s day this year will be February 16… For this coming energetic year, the Dog animal sign (Earthly Branch) indicates that the specific energetic qualities of nature associated with the Dog (such as intuitive, smart, artistic, cautious, social, honest, loyal, uneasy, evasive, or stubborn energy) will exert their influences on us human beings.

When properly harnessed, Dog energy will help you channel your truthful and creative nature towards completing tasks and striving to achieve your life’s greatest goals.

Left unchecked, Dog energy can easily trap you in some physical or emotional obstacle(s) that will make it virtually impossible to get anything done. (Master Zhongxian Wu)

Earth Dog years are usually a good time to make progress on your goals, setup security etc… Be wary of the tendency to lash out quickly, temper your bark and bite or things could escalate quickly. Nurture the good attributes of the dog; this is not the time to be a rogue wolf, team building with the pack will ensure success.

Nationally and globally, there is the potential for things to be “all over the place”, however, usually the nature of the Earth will calm down the tendency for the dog to fight for control, dominance or power.

Prior Dog years saw expansion and innovation of space exploration, and also saw buildups to military conflict in the Middle East and Cuba, Spain, South Africa etc… Nuclear issues became a major concern in 1958 with the buildup of arsenals and several accidents involving nuclear weapons.

Let’s look at three prior Earth Dog years 1958, 1898 and 1838: